Case Study 2 - cSeeker


Case Study 2- cSeeker

Guy Orlov is an extraordinary young man who, like his brother Alex, is deaf. Together they have set up a website,, linking deaf and hard of hearing students with Communication Professionals (CPs), especially in education. The business was set up in 2014 partly in response to Guy and Alex’s own frustrations at booking communication support as deaf students.

With dozens of CPs on its database including British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters, note-takers and others, cSeeker is the brothers’ vision for an alternative, hassle-free solution for students seeking language communication support in their daily academic lives.

cSeeker also organises Deaf Awareness training to give people the confidence and skills they need when communicating with anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing, as well as one to one mentoring services for deaf students.  

cSeeker’s mission is to give colleges and universities a straightforward service which enables them to arrange language support for their deaf students: independently, quickly and accessibly. The pair were keen to run an ethical business from the outset.

Guy and Alex’s problem was getting their clients to pay them within a reasonable period of time – an issue which many small businesses face.

We had a successful meeting at which I suggested that they reduced their payment terms to 14 days, and also explained my rules of credit management:

• Seven days after you send an invoice, email the client asking if they are happy with your work, and if they have received your invoice.

• If they say "no", email it to them immediately.

• If they say "yes", ask them to confirm that the invoice has been passed on to their accounts team.

• Just before the 14-day payment period is up, email the accounts department to check your invoice is about to be paid.

After a short while, Guy and Alex told me that their debtors were now paying them on time, and that   their cash flow was improving.

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