Case Study 1 - Imperial Candles


New and exciting ideas can be born from nothing and this is no exception.

Two Computer Science students had the courage to start their own business, even though they had little cash and they were living in a 1-bedroom apartment. Due to their accumulated experience in the IT field, they managed to create their website and decided to promote the business solely through social media. They were overwhelmed with the response and feedback received from their customers in just three weeks. Coping with the demand started to prove very difficult from a flat. They had to stop advertising right before Christmas 2013 and strictly focus on dispatching all orders in time for the big day.

Realising what they were able to accomplish, and the volume of orders they started to receive, they decided to look for a big house, as having their own unit was quite difficult considering they were students, the business was just at the beginning and the cash was low. In February 2014, they moved in a 5-bedroom house and they continued growing the business from there.

On 1st of April 2014 they registered the business as a Limited company. They were working 24 hours a day and all the passion was driving them to be better and better. On a serious note, the students started planning for the future of their business idea and they sort help from Coventry University Enterprises Ltd.

That’s when I had the pleasure to meet them and I have to admit I was impressed. They got me!

They were in need of finding proper business premises and I was able to help them. Soon they’ve found themselves in a 3,000 sq ft unit in Kenilworth, employing staff and this year they will do over £1M in sales.

As a mentor I was feeling proud, but they still needed to have proper structure in place. So I introduced them to an accountant and found a way for them to have some funding to allow the growth to continue.

Even amazing ideas need a mentor when they start-up and are running from place to place, opening doors that simply close in front of them, because guess what, at the beginning of their journey people don’t believe in them or their idea.

I was in their shoes once and now as a successful businessman, I am lucky that I am meeting brilliant young entrepreneurs and mentoring them to reach the success they deserve.

I know you are curious to find out the company I am raving about, so I won’t test your patience any longer. The company is called Imperial Candles ( so go to their website as I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.