Forensic Book-keeping

Are your records in a bit of a mess?

Our forensic bookkeeping operation has over the last 12 months found:

  • One customer paying the pension of an employee who left 2 years earlier!
  • A standing order going out each month that was three times higher than the energy they were actually using! £4500 was returned to their bank account
  • A client still paying the standing order for an out of date telephone system. The lease had ended, but they were still paying!

We understand you are busy, that you stuff your receipts into a bag promising yourself to look at them later!

Suddenly however, you need to pay someone, or the VATman comes.

Turn to us, we can turn your black bag of old invoices and records into a full accounts package?

Bring us that old bag before you have to pay your accountant a lot of money to sort them out.

Maybe as with so many other clients we can save you money

At the end we will give you a simple Cash Flow chart, allowing you to easily update whenever you pay someone or they pay you, this will allow you to keep up to date with your cash position.

The real benefit is that by cleansing your bookkeeping

we are reducing your accountancy costs!

So we pay for ourselves!


"Anita’s head for figures and book keeping is to be highly recommended if you don’t have time to do your own book keeping and want detailed records from a passionate book keeper this is the lady, hardworking, honest and very knowledgeable."  Debarah Sinclair, company owner,