Rules of Credit Management

The Rules of Credit Management

We have been using these rules for over twenty years.  We know that if you stick rigidly to them, making certain that they become a habit and you will see your debtor days coming down.


  1. “ Before supplying any goods, get the customer’s written agreement to your terms and get a purchase order number.”
  2. “ On delivery make certain that you get a signed delivery note.”
  3.  “ Raise the invoice and send it either with the goods or as soon after delivery of goods as possible.”
  4. “ 7 days after delivery of the goods ring your customer to make certain there are no problems and that the invoice has been passed to accounts for payment."
  5. “ Build a friendly relationship with your customer’s accounts department.”
  6. “ Always send out statements to all outstanding accounts.”
  7. “ Follow these rules and your debtors will come down.”

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