About Us

Think Cash! is on a mission for every business to develop a Think Cash!  mentality.

You Think Cash! by:

  • Getting paid quicker.
  • Only paying out on the due day.
  • Bootstrapping your expenses.

It is the basic simple management of the money in your business, which when running a business, we tend to forget until the cash runs out!

Think Cash! help companies manage and find more cash within their company and if, or when required, raise the money.

How do we achieve this?

We are your mentor, a friend of your organisation, looking at it without any preconceived ideas.

These are a few of the results we have achieved:

  • By installing our rules of credit management, we reduced a client’s overdraft to zero from £80K and created not only a deposit account of £50k but slashed expenses they didn’t know they had.
  • Increased another’s turnover without requiring outside funds.
  • Taking a start up from Zero to £2M in 2 years.
  • Raising £300K for a start up.
  • Helped develop and raise the funds for a unique overnight delivery system.

To get someone to look at your business from outside contact Tony :

T: 01926 855920

M: 0976 707479

About Tony












Formally a Unilever manager, Tony Dalton is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years experience of running small businesses and surviving the cash flow challenges that are thrown up along the way.

As well as running courses and speaking about cash management, Tony finds time to run an educational publishing company Educational Musicals Ltd and an email marketing operation Marketing Direct

Tony has a wide commitment to the local community and has:

  • Created the first screen based typewriter.
  • Developed a new children’s teaching aid benefiting over 1,000,000 children in 40 countries.
  • Wrote Cash Management, now in 2nd Edition, to help small companies manage their cash.
  • Instigated the InTouch System to accelerate your payment process.


About Anita

From her early days of selling mugs on a market, to her singing career, she soon learnt the importance of knowing how much money was coming in and when it must go out.

After many years of being responsible of the accounts of several different companies, both large and small, she learnt the importance of keeping records up to date. However, as she loves jigsaws, she has found her niche as a forensic bookkeeper.  As such she sorts out your accounts when they are in a muddle, by forensically examining disordered accounting systems, especially those kept in plastic bags!

Once she has put them in order, she can then:

  1. Identify the cash being wasted.
  2. Set up a forward cash flow matrix which is easy to manage.
  3. Put a system in place that you can manage, so she can walk away, or come in once a week or once a month if necessary.

Examples of the clients she has helped:

  • An hotel that had a fire, loosing most of its paperwork. Using past bank statements, and detective work she recreated the accounts to the level that even the inland revenue accepted.
  • After one year by re-arranging and sorting the cash flow, a local company (who thought they were going bust) had £100,000 in the bank.
  • She was asked by an executor of a will to investigate figures when there appeared to be money missing – there was!