Remember: An Order is Only Complete When it’s Paid For!

Remember: An Order is Only Complete When it’s Paid For!

“An Order is Only Complete When it’s Paid For”

You may worry about pressuring people about late payments. You may even convince yourself that the fault lies with the Royal Mail and that waiting a few more days won’t really cause too many problems.

Don’t go there!

Why should you let late payers get away with it? They are costing you money.

Don’t lose sleep about chasing customers who owe you money. They’re late, and that’s the end of it.  Why would you want to do any more business until they pay up?

Remember:          You not in business give things away.

What does it matter if your customers threaten to take all future business away?

Do you want customers who don’t pay?

Remember:          As important as the cash is, the time they take to pay you is crucial too.

If you don’t get paid promptly, you’re better off without them.

More importantly, it costs, as you could need to borrow to cover your cash-flow gap.  They are using your cash!

Remember:           Every day your customer delays makes your cash position worse, reduces your profit and costs you money. You cannot afford it.

This is a greater risk for a new business who too often to get their first orders from the bad payers. This is no coincidence. They are new to business, confident and a little arrogant. Bad payers can spot this before they’ve set foot in their office. They hope that fledgling businesses will let them stretch out payment. They are past masters at waving the prospects of big orders in the future in front of new businesses.

Don’t fall into this trap and always check out potential new customers and their payment record with others, and don’t, I repeat don’t worry about chasing outstanding invoices.

If you need a reminder of a simple way to do this go to THINK CASH - The Rules of Credit Management

That’s Think Cash!