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The 90 day plan

You’ve done your business plan, you have presented it, you have the funds, your business is ready to go.  You have your dream, you have the pictures on the wall, you now need your 90 day plan? Eventually this will be a rolling one, but at this stage, the start, you need to put down […]

What is a Balance Sheet?

Many people panic when faced with balance sheets usually because they don’t understand them. Basically, a balance sheet is a snapshot of a company on a given day. That doesn’t sound like much but looking at it carefully will tell you a lot about the financial health of a business. It is a list of […]

Do you hire people cleverer than you?

Do you hire people cleverer than you? To grow successfully requires you to be a great leader and it starts when you chose your team. The late publishing magnate Felix Dennis used to say “never seek a replica of yourself to delegate to, or to promote”. It is a common error, but if you do […]