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Do you hire people cleverer than you?

Do you hire people cleverer than you? To grow successfully requires you to be a great leader and it starts when you chose your team. The late publishing magnate Felix Dennis used to say “never seek a replica of yourself to delegate to, or to promote”. It is a common error, but if you do […]

Does the subscription model work?

Yes, yes, yes, you just have to work out how to use it for your business. Recently Uber have announced that they will offer a subscription model in 5 US cities.  They are offering a monthly subscription of only $24.99 a month. They intend to eventually roll it out across the States and then throughout […]

The importance of a good cash flow chart!

This is worrying story, but unfortunately a true one, that explains why a good cash flowchart is so important. It is about the downfall of a public company, Conviviality PLC., and how that company valued at £500M in January, went bust in March! All because they didn’t keep proper cash flow records. This company had […]